Dec 22

The Basics of Playing Basketball

Basketball is today one of the sports that most fans are crazy about. Its origins date back to 1891 when a Canadian professor of physical education who lived in the United States, James Naismith, created the game for use in his classrooms during the cold winter at the University of Illinois, Massachusetts.

The game is basically to get as many points as possible in every game to try, thus, overcoming the rival team. Therefore, the party will win the first of two scoring more points.

Bases and Fundamentals

Basketball is played both male and female form mode. Moreover, it is one of the sports playable on wheelchair too. In this case, there is basketball for people in wheelchairs.

It is a contact sport that is played in teams of five players on court. The teams are usually set between 0:15 players, of which the coach will select twelve players to play the game. The twelve players can play as five players are on interchangeable track, for which the coach must take advantage of downtime or rest areas.

The parties, according to FIBA, have four session for 10 minutes each. Although NBA has four periods of 12 minutes and in the NCAA four periods of 20 minutes are played.

Time is extended when two teams tie and a winner is needed. These last five minutes will be played and, every five minutes, until there is a winner.

The beginning of each part is played with one player from each team to the center circle of the pitch waiting for the ref to throw the ball up to try to divert some of their peers and get possession of the ball.

The games are usually refereed by two people. Although there are cases where an arbitrator is added and others where an arbitrator is reduced per game. Furthermore, the existence of an established scorer’s table whose mission is to archive any incidents occurring and peculiarities in each game to create a detailed report.

The players from each team is dressed in a uniform that distinguishes them from the rest, especially the color of it. This uniform consists of shorts, socks, turtleneck shoes with a sole of a material that grip well to park basketball court and, finally, a tank top that will go with the dorsal and name of the player in the rear to differentiate from the rest when it comes to arbitrate. Players may not wear any ornaments like watches or jewelry to avoid obstruction in the game for opponents who may be touted at any given moment.

Field, Score, Ball and Basket

Basketball courts should have two baskets, one on each end at a height of 3.05 meters above the ground. The courts should have measures about 15 meters wide and 28 meters long. The field must be divided by a horizontal line into two equal halves, 5.8 meters from the end line at each end of the runway should be placed free-throw lines. While the line of three-pointers is situated at a distance from the basket, as the competition between 6.75 meters and 7.24 meters.

The ball to the basketball games are played are usually made of leather, rough skin or synthetic materials. Its surface is distinguished from the rest of balls used in other sports for a small protruding points to prevent the ball slipping from sweaty hands of the players. They are usually orange with black lines through it. The weight of the ball depends on whether its use is for male, female and children’s competitions.

As for the score, it notes that there are three possibilities. There is a point where release will be made from the free throw line. On the other hand, to score two points should dunk the ball inside the area. Finally, three points will be scored whenever the ball is enters from a rearmost position of the division line marked with three aforementioned points.

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